Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cookies by request!

I was asked last night to share cookie recipes, so here is one of my favourites [Pictures will be added at a later time]

Shortbread Cookies

4c flour
2c icing sugar
1lb butter [softened]
1T Vanilla 

Cream together butter and icing sugar and vanilla. Fold in flour one cup at a time until you get a stiff dough. Turn out dough into a cookie tray and flatten using your hands to a sheet of dough.

You are looking for 1/2 inch thickness for a crisp cookie, or 1inch for a soft dense cookie.

Bake it at 350deg until the edges start to brown lightly.

Cut the cookies after allowing the tray to cool.

They can be placed in the freezer for later snacking! [That is if you dont eat it all up!]

Next time...

Crackle Top PB Cookies....

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