Monday, January 3, 2011

Homemade pasta

Well this first post has been a long time coming, I was suggested the idea of starting up a food blog where I share my recipes and photos of food stuffs when I was being "too tempting" with my updates of my creations.

So I created this blog... several months ago, and chickened out, I mean why would anyone want to read about my cooking? Well its a new year and after being asked "where is the blog" here it is, my first recipe and photo sets.

It is my recipe for homemade pasta which is so simple! After you make it once, you will wonder how you ever made do with the store bought.

I actually used this for my lasagna this past Christmas Eve, and I tell you it was truly the best one I had ever had!

With no further ado, the recipe:

2c flour
3 large eggs
pinch of salt
cold water

For this recipe the easiest thing to remember is that you need 1c of flour and 1 egg per person with 1 egg as your starting point. So for 4 people it is 4c flour, 5 eggs and so on.

You can use a mix master or mix by hand, make a well in the flour and crack in eggs, mix together with salt, and slowly add in cold water [tap is fine] until the mixture comes together as a sticky dough [you want to be able to pinch it, and it prefers to stick to itself than you].

Wrap the dough in saran/plastic wrap and refrigerate for minimum of 2hrs to let the gluten rest.

Now having a pasta roller/machine makes this step significantly easier and faster, but is not required. Cut your dough into 4 balls and roll through the machine starting at your largest setting and working it down every other roll. Use flour to keep the pasta from sticking to itself by dusting the dough. once rolled out you can cut into desired shape be it flat for lasagna, strips for linguine, or [with the machine] into spaghetti rolling it through the cutter.

This is a delicious pasta that can be cooked right from this state, a quickie recipe is to take strips of pasta [like the scraps from another project] and toss into a pot of salted boiling water. Like dumplings, you know it is ready when the dough floats to the surface. drain the water and toss the hot pasta with pesto, or just some garlic and good olive oil. It is such a treat to have!

If you want to you can save some pasta for later on by drying out the raw dough over a wooded stick [like a spoon handle, or in classic Italian style with a broomstick handle!].

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